Boston Startup Advocates
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Dan Adams

Co-founder & CTO, CO Everywhere

Alex Schiff

Co-founder & CEO, Fetchnotes

Jana Eggers

President, Nara

Ryan Midden

Ben & Jerry's

Seth Priebatsch

Chief Ninja of LevelUp

Fan Bi

Co-founder & CEO, BlankLabel

Satyender Mahajan

CEO, Mustbin

Matthew Kalish

Founder, DraftKings

Ryan Traeger

Founder & CEO, ACHVR

Gina Nebesar

VP of Product and Marketing, Ovuline

Nick Rellas

Co-founder & CEO, Drizly

Julian Jung

Founder, TableList

Justin Robinson

Co-founder, Drizly

Milenko Beslic

Co-Founder, Beam

Joe Nigro

Former Founder, Unsully

Suzanne Lilley

Co-founder, Beam

Keith Frankel

Chief Digital Officer, TableList

Jason Jacobs

Founder & CEO, Runkeeper

Matt Lauzon

Co-Founder of Dunwello

Ken Deckinger

Co-founder, Jess Meet Ken

Tim Noetzel

Founder & CEO, Pintley

Jon Staff

Founder & CEO, Getaway

Gregory Segall

CEO & Co-founder, See Fit

Jordan Fliegel

Founder & CEO, CoachUp

Adam Howitt

Founder, WalkJogRun

Rob Infantino

CEO & Founder, OpenBay

Cort Johnson

Terrible Labs, TicketZen, Atlas Venture

Sara Steele-Rogers

Eventbrite Boston

Frederic Lalonde

Founder & CEO, Hopper

Tom O'Keefe

BostonTweet, Flutter, DownloadBoston

Polina Raygorodskaya

Co-founder & CEO, Wanderu

Patrick McAuley

Co-founder & CEO, Hint

Tiana Haraguchi

Founder & CEO, Boutikey

Anna Palmer

Co-founder & CEO, Fashion Project

Christine Rizk

Co-founder & President, Fashion Project

Vik Paruchuri

Co-founder, Turfly

Jake Cacciapaglia

Director of Biz Dev, Runkeeper

Michael Matousek

Co-Founder of Flashnotes

Steven Maggs

CTO, Flashnotes

Steff Kelsey

Principal Software Engineer, SunSprite

David Frankel

Managing Partner, Founder Collective

Mirena Bagur


Ariel Diaz

Founder & CEO, Boundless

Pat Kinsel

Venture Partner, Polaris Partners

Matthew George

Founder & CEO, Bridj

Benjamin Anderson

President & CEO, Amino Apps

Erin O'Bannon

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Keurig

Lauren Landry

Associate Editor, BostInno

David Blutenthal

Founder & CEO, Moodsnap

Ian Stanczyk

Co-founder, onthebar

Aymeric Vigneras

CEO & Co-Founder, Sharalike

TJ Connelly

Co-Founder & Everything Else of onthebar

Ben Kaplan

Founder & CEO, WiGo

William Agush

CEO & Founder, Shuttersong

Nataly Kogan

Co-founder & CEO, Happier

Scott Cooper

Founder & CEO, ShopAdvisor

Joel Oliveira

Lead Developer, Change Collective

Alex Cote

Founder & CMO, Cloze

Joe Tagliente

CEO, Spots

Brad Rosen

Founder & CEO, Drync

Derek Bugley

Founder & CEO, Buggl

Katie Muto

COO & Co-founder, Spots

Derek Haswell

Sarah Goliger

Head of User Acquisition, Change Collective

Dean Wiltse

Chairman & CEO, Statisfy

Michael Vosseller

Director of Mobile, Foodler

Ray Lian

CEO, WhoQuest

Michael Miele

CEO, Spotlight Parking

Frank Chiang

Head of Engineering, WhoQuest

Mike MacLean

Founder, Classy

Mike Lisavich

Co-founder & CEO, Rekindle

Gihan Amarasiriwardena

Mike Salguero

Co-founder & CEO, CustomMade

Daniel Galvez

Founder, GoBe Groups

Scott Nelson

Co-founder, Cubiq

Marc Held

Founder & CEO, Weft

Jeff Maynard

VP Product Development, Weft

Barron Roth

Co-founder, Downtyme

Brent Grinna

Founder & CEO, EverTrue

Aaron Kolenda

Co-founder, Veer

Jonathan Corbin

Co-founder, Veer

Seth Sivak

CEO & Co-Founder, Proletariat

Matt Zisow

Founder & CEO, Scratch

Rami Lachter

Co-founder, Villy

Itai Turbahn

Co-founder, Villy

Chas Wagner

Founder & CEO, Rally

Kenny Adorisio

Co-Founder & CTO, Rally

Jimmy Aird

Co-founder, BarUp

Ed Likovich

CEO, SunSprite

Kasey Russell

Co-founder & CEO, SunSprite

Allie Miller

Head of Marketing, SunSprite

Joselin Mane

Social Media Strategist, BostonTweetup

Matthew Fiorentino

Director of Marketing, Mustbin

Chad O'Connor

Northeastern Professor & Consultant

Nick Dougherty

Co-Founder & CEO at VerbalCare

Ramzi Yamusah

Founder & Chairman, Zwayo

Michael Sheeley

Co-Founder, Chef Nightly

Kit Hickey

Co-Founder, Ministry of Supply

Arian Radmand

Co-founder, CoachUp

Hannah Freilich

Founder & CEO, Be Active Together

Hossein Kash Razzaghi

Founder & CEO, Fancred

David Cancel

CEO, Driftt

Jamie Thompson

Founder, SelfieYo

Ben Rubin

C-founder & CEO, Change Collective

Spencer Bramson


Jon Olinto

Owner, b.good

Braden Golub

Founder, Spot

Brian Carr

COO, Drync

Steve Callan

Technology @ Flutter

Michael S. Pillemer

Founder, HappySpeedy

Matt Pope

Co-founder & Product Lead, Talko

Matthew Bellows

Founder & CEO, Yesware

Tong Shen

Founder, FotoDish

Ryan O'Hara

Head of Marketing, WhoQuest

Robinson Greig

Product Manager, Change Collective

Mike Cappelletti

Owner, Cubiq

Ben Johnson


Drew Watson

Co-founder & CMO, ACHVR

Jeremy Allaire

Founder & CEO, Circle

Krishna Ramchandran

Founder & CEO, Ubersense

Lindsay Benjamin

Marketing Manager, Lose It!

Akshay Sahani

Founder, NimNim

Tony Longo

Co-Founder, Co Everywhere

Sam Davidson

Co-founder, Who's That

Danny Wong

Co-founder, BlankLabel

Cashman Andrus

Founder & CTO, Yesware

Ty Martin

Founder, Turfly

Marissa Breton

Community Manager, Bridj

Brent Raines

Developer, Change Collective

J. Alain Ferry

Founder of RaceMenu

Jibran Malek


Ray Ozzie

Founder & CEO, Talko