#DownloadBoston is a local movement to increase the awareness of Boston-based consumer startups in this city and beyond. 

To join the #DownloadBoston movement; add the hashtag #DownloadBoston to your Twitter profile and like/tweet/link to the individual startups on DownloadBoston.com

#DownloadBoston advocates for Boston startups by

  1. encouraging all media to feature Boston startups more regularly,
  2. lobbying established companies to incubate and partner with local startups and entrepreneurs, 
  3. requesting that PR, legal, and professional firms provide pro-bono services to new non-funded startups,
  4. partnering with local cafes, eateries, retailers, and businesses, to feature Boston startups.

 Supporting Boston startups equals more jobs and a stronger Boston economy.

#DownloadBoston is founded by Tom O'Keefe, better known as @BostonTweet.


Tom O'Keefe


Steve Callan

CTO & Partner

Erin O'Bannon

Head of Marketing & Community